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Concise lessons for anyone to take their drumming to the next level.

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Programs for groups that introduce music and the world of rhythm, or masterclasses designed for intermediate to advanced drummers.

About Harald

Get to know Harald and how he can help you, your church, or your community take a step forward on a musical journey.


Harald Huyssen’s Better Drums In 60 Seconds. “A Must for All Serious Drummers”. It will really help them to be better drummers. Congratulations Harald, Good Job!

Jun Regalado Drumming Legend - Philippines

Better “drum” videos..These are very helpful for drummers. With these videos, you’ll be able to learn how to play the rudiments (which is very important), right groove, drum notation, proper sticking, pocket playing, and more. I make sure to watch every new video of my good friend Harald. The best thing about this is you’ll learn how to play better in just 60secs.

Joseph “Otep” Concepcion Session Drummer/Southborder

Better Drums In 60 Seconds is like an online university. It helps me with tricks and techniques.

Nigel Gumapac 8 Years Old

Harald’s real world experience in performance and teaching certainly make him one of the best drum mentors out there. He has the patience to work with you from the ground up to make you the best drummer you can be while finding your unique voice on the drumkit. He’ll give you the tools to express yourself and you’ll have fun doing it.

Alden Acosta Drummer - Let Gravity

The method Harald showed me is very practical in contemporary drumming. But what blew me away is the small details he puts into it. That’s a big jump in my drumming both musicianship and technique.

Alvin Meneses UST Conservatory of Music/Educator/Session Drummer

Studying drums, sometimes, is not that easy but studying with Harald makes the hard part become easy. I am very blessed to have studied with him for 3 years.

Lawrence Centenera UST Conservatory of Music - Student

Harald motivated me to hone my abilities and strengthen my passion. I do not consider him only as my drum instructor but also a life mentor since the lessons I received from him went beyond music. He reinforced my Christian values of respect towards other people, proper use of time, self-discipline and professionalism. He is my valuable source of wise advise about music and life challenges.”

Fernando Mendoza Jr. UST Conservatory of Music/Educator/Session Drummer

Harald focuses on developing endurance, coordination, and factors that positively affect ensemble/group playing (dynamic control, stylistically appropriate playing). The exercises and concepts discussed during my lessons with him are useful and easily applicable when it comes to the actual performance.

Max Cinco Halina - Drummer/UST Conservatory of Music - Student