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The First Inspiring Drumming Clinic – October 9, 2016

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The idea for Inspiring Drumming clinics is to bring drums, rhythms and music to under privileged kids ages 4-20 that otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to be a part of a clinic like this. I can remember first being in awe and struck by the drums as a little boy in church. Air drumming along with the music was my thing. Who would have thought 31 years later I’d not only still be drumming but that it would be my career.


What Happened

23 kids from the Taktak and Morosi communities joined me for an afternoon of drumming at Hope for the Nations Church. The idea is to bring hope through music. I am living proof that something that happens as a kid can shape an entire life. Each of these kids got a pair of drumsticks, learned to play the drums, and even had a slice of pizza. We opted not to advertise the plans so people who showed up didn’t come for food or drumsticks but to learn. Everything else was a bonus.


What They Learned

1. Rudiments
2. Basic 8th note drum grooves
3. Simple reading
4. How to listen and play what you hear in a song

These hit everything they need to get a good start and they can easily practice the ideas at home with the drumsticks they were given.  Rudiments build the ability in the hands while the basic 8th notes addressed the larger issue of coordination.  The main idea was to keep it simple to remember and fun to learn, so the reading dealt with simple catchy rhythms.  Then we wrapped it up by listening to music and trying to hear what groove the drummer played.

Bring an Inspiring Drumming Clinic to Your Church

The goal is to reach kids who come from families who wouldn’t be able to afford drumsticks or music lessons. What is required:
1. Venue
2. One Drumset
3. Speaker system for music playback
4. Promote the event to communities that you reach
5. Follow-up clinics can be arranged

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